Some Thoughts on the Latest Immuno-oncology Approval

On May 18, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the latest immunotherapeutic drug, atezolizumab (Tecentriq), from Roche’s California division, Genentech. The drug, a PD-L1 inhibitor, is the first product in its class to gain approval for a common form… Read »

See you at ASCO 2016!

It’s nearly June, which means one thing for the Bionest Oncology team:  ASCO is right around the corner.  As we gear up for our time in Chicago, we are taking a look at some of the big topics and anticipated… Read »

“Beyond the Pill” – Part Three: Patient-centricity Creates New Business Opportunities Outside Pharma, Too

Factors are converging that make patient-centric initiatives a key business opportunity, not just for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with treatments to develop and market, but increasingly also for those outside of the traditional health care industry.   One of the… Read »

“Beyond the Pill” — Part Two: Value-Added Services Offer Benefit to Multiple Audiences

In our first “Beyond the Pill” post, we discussed the increasing move towards patient-centric programs that go past an actual prescription to help build relationships with patients and physicians and facilitate the provision of a number of related services to… Read »

“Beyond the Pill,” Part One: Value-Added Services Increasingly Needed Due to Changing Nature of Therapies

The notion of patient-centricity has gained increasing attention from drug developers and others in recent years, mostly in the area of chronic diseases and those requiring complex therapies. But value-added services, which go beyond simple initiatives addressed to patient compliance… Read »

Launch or License: Some Points to Consider, When You’re Considering Your First European Launch

For many young biotech and pharma companies, the decision about how to take their first drug to Europe has been simple: just license the European marketing rights to a company that already is well established there, and collect milestone payments… Read »

Making a “Moonshot” Against Cancer

President Obama, in his 2016 State of the Union Address, called on Vice President Biden to lead a new national “Moonshot” to “eliminate cancer as we know it.” The White House has since announced a billion dollar initiative — inspired by… Read »

Personalized Cancer Therapies: Time to Take Lessons from “Orphan Drugs”

We recently wrote about rare disease drug development and commercialization, and why such franchises succeed better within small companies or perhaps as stand-alone, independently operating units of larger firms. When the patient population targeted by a particular therapy is small,… Read »

Trends to Watch in 2016 – Part 2

We started the year off in January by reviewing three of the major trends of 2015 and reflecting on where we saw events headed in 2016. In part 2 of this post, which follows yesterday’s celebration of Rare Disease… Read »

Orphan Drug Franchises Best Left to Mature Alone

Commercial success in the rare disease field depends on a highly patient-centric approach that connects effectively with rare disease patient communities at a senior management level and focuses on access and interactions with thought leaders and physicians, rather than on… Read »

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