Artificial Intelligence and Image-Based Diagnostic Tools

We have recently been hearing much about “machine learning” and “artificial intelligence” (A.I.). While many tend to use the two terms almost interchangeably, there is a distinct difference between the two.   Machine learning, also known as “deep learning,” is… Read »

One-and-Done Pricing Challenges

As more gene and cell therapies come to market, a big challenge facing both drug developers and payers is designing and instituting appropriate pricing models for these one-time, potentially curative treatments. Innovation should be rewarded, and a curative — or… Read »

Drug Pricing: A Key Political Issue for 2019?

Drug pricing is clearly going to be one of the major topics of discussion — and a key political issue — in 2019. Drug makers began the New Year with price increases in the United States on more than 250… Read »

FDA and Direct-to-Consumer Genetics Testing

When 23andMe launched its first genetic test to the consumer market in 2013, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) quickly ordered the company to stop marketing the test without necessary approvals as a medical device, citing the potential for… Read »

Dsuvia — Much Needed Analgesic or Potential New Contributor to the Opioid Crisis?

Does the United States really need another opioid drug, given the enormous public health crisis of opioid addiction facing the country today? Many experts are asking this question about the FDA’s approval in November of Dsuvia (sufentinil), a powerful opioid … Read »

Big Oncology Mergers Kick Off 2019

Each January, a large portion of the international healthcare industry descends on San Francisco for the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference and a variety of other concurrent industry events. The sentiment of the nearly 10,000 attendees — largely influenced by partnering… Read »

Differentiation Through Digital  

Digital technology is becoming increasingly important in the healthcare space. This was clearly reflected by the growing number of companies and events focused on the digital healthcare sector during JP Morgan/Biotech Week in San Francisco and new conferences dedicated to… Read »

Multiple Myeloma: The View from ASH 2018

Multiple myeloma (MM) is a deadly bone marrow cancer. In recent years, the treatment landscape for this disease has improved considerably. However, most patients still relapse and the need for new and better therapeutic options endures.   Encouraging news about… Read »

Happy New Year — Some Thoughts on the Year to Come

Welcome to 2019. We hope you enjoyed the holidays and look forward to meeting and greeting many of you next week in San Francisco for Biotech Week. Several members of the Bionest team will be in attendance, and if you’d… Read »

New Approaches to an Earlier Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosis

We have written previously about the need for earlier diagnosis for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and other dementias, a capability that could both aid in the discovery and the development of new therapies, and increase the chances for better patient outcomes… Read »

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