The Rise of the Chief Digital Officer in Pharma Companies

Chief Digital Officer (CDO) is the latest title to become a standard within the pharmaceutical company C-suite, with Takeda, Bayer, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Merck, Sanofi and others all making such appointments in recent years. As we’ve written before, this addition to… Read »

Applying Precision Medicine to Neuropsychiatric Disorders

Cancers were once looked upon as specific diseases, often defined by their tissue of origin, and drug treatments primarily aimed to kill rapidly growing tumor cells before harming slower growing normal ones. The result was often limited drug efficacy, accompanied… Read »

New Excitement About Antibody-Drug Conjugates in Cancer

The ability to target malignant cells without damage to surrounding healthy ones has been a long-sought goal in cancer drug development. Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) have been investigated as one such solution aimed at delivering more targeted therapies. ADCs — an… Read »

Blockchain and Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Security

Blockchain is a method to securely store digital information and create an accurate, verifiable, distributed record of individual transactions that is confidential, traceable and virtually uneditable. The first practical use of blockchain technology enabled bitcoin and other cryptocurrency transactions. Today,… Read »

AI Aiding Earlier, More Accurate Cancer Screening

Recent research clearly illustrates the potential that artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning systems offer for improving the detection and diagnosis of cancer, whether from radiological images or tissue analysis. While further clinical validation of such systems is needed before… Read »

Real World Evidence Replacing Some Clinical Trials?

Pharmaceutical companies have long used real-world data on drug performance to help justify their pricing decisions to payers. But now such real-world evidence (RWE), gathered from electronic medical records (EMRs), national patient registries and other patient databases, is increasingly being… Read »

News from ASCO: Part 2

In this post, we continue our report on some of the precision medicine approaches and initiatives we noted at ASCO.   Neoantigens Revitalizing Cancer Vaccine Efforts   Early efforts to create cancer vaccines aimed at increasing the immune system’s exposure… Read »

News from ASCO: Part 1 

As we previously wrote, ASCO’s focus this year was on driving the benefits of precision medicine approaches in oncology to more patients. This was reflected in several ways in the news coming out of the conference, including:   Progress Against… Read »

Building a Better Market for Biologics: The US vs. Europe

The advent of generics has dramatically impacted the cost of small molecule drugs following the expiry of the patent protection for the originator therapeutics, with the cost of a small molecule generic often as little as 10% of that of… Read »

Liquid Biopsy Methods Showing Their Worth

The ability to detect and monitor mutational changes in tumors through a simple blood test has spurred considerable development within the field of liquid biopsy. While questions remain about the accuracy of such tests and the most relevant analyte to… Read »

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