One-Shot Curative Treatments: A Pharma and Payer Revolution
Alessia Deglincerti, Jean-Baptiste Mayet, and Julius Steffen
May 2019
Pharma’s Digital Directive: Not If, But How
In Vivo
Rachel Laing, Alessia Deglincerti, Melinda Lutzing, Aurelie Deleforge, Mark Ratner
November 2018
Curing What Ails Alzheimer’s Drug Development
In Vivo
Rachel Laing, Alessia Deglincerti, Alain J. Gilbert, Frank Borowsky and Mark Ratner
December 2017
How Immuno-Oncology Is Turning Biomarker Development On Its Head
In Vivo
Olivier Lesueur, Rachel Laing and Mark Ratner
October, 2016
Orphans Should Live Alone
In Vivo
Alain J. Gilbert, Anne-Sophie Demange and Mark Ratner
February, 2016
Immuno-Oncology Brings New Opportunities for Developers of Targeted Cytotoxics
The time is right to partner with immunotherapy firms, and for immunotherapy firms similarly to collaborate with those makers of targeted agents.
By Rachel Laing, PhD and Olivier Lesueur
September, 2015
Immunotherapy: Big Pharmas Seductive Embrace
Authors: Olivier Lesueur, Rachel Laing, Mark Ratner
December, 2014
When Illumina Buys Roche: The Dawning of the Era of Diagnostics Dominance
By Robert J. Easton, Alain J. Gilbert, Olivier Lesueur, Rachel Laing, and Mark Ratner
July, 2014
Launch or License: Taking Your First Drug To Europe
By Alain J. Gilbert, Robert J. Easton and Steven P. Breazzano
December, 2013
Matchmaking in Oncology : challenges and combination strategy for novel targeted agents
Dr. Rachel E. Laing, Olivier Lesueur, Stan Hopkins and Dr. Sean X. Hu.
May, 2012
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