Signs of appetite
Financial Advisory Newsletter
Q2 - 2009
The Big Buy
« Alain J Gilbert and Meredith Edwards of Bionest Partners examine trends for biotech partnering in 2009 and discuss how to optimise outcomes in these turbulent conditions ».
Spring, 2009
Being patient
Financial Advisory Newsletter
Q1 - 2009
Pharmaceutical Executive
The Business Magazine of Pharma. Vol 28, Number
« Real innovation is the name of the game—products and technologies that specifically meet a previously unmet medical need, and therefore unequivocally attract needed funding. Market access and maintenance are knowledgebased, cross-functional processes, which leading pharma companies must implement immediately ».
November, 2008
Value Destruction
Financial Advisory
Q4 - 2008
Global Vaccine Commercializatio
Part One: Competitive Challenge
Claude Allary, Maxime Riché, and Meredith Edwards
October, 2008
Global pharmaceutical, generics and biotech industry news
Article EAP
Alain Gilbert, Vanessa Caignault and Murielle Foist of Bionest Partners explain why European EAPs are worth considering by pharma/biotech companies.
October, 2008
Stratégies pour l’innovation pharmaceutique
Expertise Pharmacie
« Et si la crise actuelle avait finalement des conséquences positives pour les laboratoires et leur potentiel d'innovation ? » Claude Allary, directeur général de Bionest Consultants, et Julian Ozdowski, senior consultant, s'attachent à analyser les transformations profondes de l'innovation pharmaceutique, notamment grâce à des accords de portée considérable avec les entreprises de biotechnologie.
October, 2008
Financial Advisory Newsletter
Q3 - 2008
Influenza: the Avoidable Killer
SCRIP Drug Market developments Influenza is a disease of global health significance against which the fight is far from over.
Claude Allary & Dr Meredith Edwards
July, 2008
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