Blog May 10, 2018

BIO2018, here we come: Real-time oncology and biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease

The BIO International Convention is a huge gathering each year, as around 15-18,000 representatives from across industry and around the world get together to discuss policy, partnering, and product development over the course of four days. This year’s event, to be held in Boston from June 4 – 7, should be no exception. BIO has lined up a full roster of prominent speakers, hot-topic panels, trade hall exhibits, and evening parties, including a concert with famed Motown star Diana Ross.


We’re very pleased to be leading the discussions this year for two panels, both to be held on Wednesday June 6 at 1:45 pm.


panel1The first, The Future of Cancer: “Real-Time” Oncology, will discuss how the convergence of cancer biology, drug discovery, big data analytics and medical technology is providing a tantalizing view of the future of cancer therapy. Within this vision of “real time” oncology, physicians track and adapt treatment “live” for individual patients as their tumors, immune status and other parameters evolve over time and in response to therapy. The panel will examine what it will take to get there, including the need for new cancer biomarkers, the effective application of big data and analytics, new laboratory testing tools & technologies, and how to make these advances available for the community oncologist and average patient.


biopanel2The second, Priming Diagnostics for the Future of Alzheimer’s Treatment, will look at the need for validated biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease drug development and eventually for the effective use of new drugs for this disease. We’ll be discussing the recent results of Phase 3 clinical trials in Alzheimer’s disease and the lessons learned (and questions raised), with a focus on the role of diagnostics. We’ll also be exploring various biomarkers under examination, as well as the critical success factors necessary to prepare the market for AD diagnosis and management, which will require different stakeholders and industries to work together to facilitate change.


We hope you can join us for one of these discussions. And if you’re interested in meeting with us during BIO2018 to discuss a topic or project of special interest to you and your company, please let us know.