ASH News on CAR-T Therapies Reinforces Previous Enthusiasm for the Approach… But Challenges Remain

CAR-T therapies involve removing T cells from individual patients and engineering them to recognize and destroy that patient’s cancer. Early clinical results over the last few years raised considerable interest in this cell-based immunotherapeutic approach, and now that several… Read »

BIO Europe 2015 Conference – Reflections

Bionest attended BIO Europe in Munich last month and witnessed firsthand the flurry of deal making activity.  In many ways 2015 has been a landmark year for deal making.  Companies big and small have made headlines, striking deals across every… Read »

Promise of Immunotherapy Featured on Today Show

The recent news of Jimmy Carter’s excellent response to cancer immunotherapy — he reported earlier this week that his brain cancer appears to be gone following treatment with Keytruda — was highlighted this morning on the  Today Show.  The field… Read »

Data Is Key to Forming Immunotherapy Partnerships

We were pleased to participate in a “State of the Industry” panel on immuno-oncology at the 2015 BIO Investor Forum in October. The lively discussion included other participants from across the industry and investing world, including the licensing office of… Read »

Welcome to the Bionest Blog!

The world health environment is changing quickly. Advances in science and technology, as well as political and economic trends, are having a major impact on the development, commercialization, and delivery of effective health care around the world. We work closely… Read »

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