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Is it COVID-19? Flu? Or Perhaps, Both?

With flu season rapidly approaching, concerns are growing about the risks of a double coronavirus-influenza pandemic that could further overwhelm hospitals and other health care resources.


Increased Focus on the Tumor Immune Environment

Researchers are looking to map and describe the workings of the tumor immune environment to find ways to potentiate an immune response or counteract immunosuppressive signals.


Time to Embrace Decentralized Clinical Trials

A clearer roadmap for decentralized clinical trials will enable companies to better plan and more quickly advance their adoption of these strategies, which have the potential of benefiting patients and drug developers alike.


Look Beyond the US and Europe for Rare Disease Launches

Rest-of-world markets offer good opportunities for rare disease companies to expand their sales potential beyond what U.S. & E.U. markets offer, and the requirements for market entry should be considered at a high level early on.


The Search for COVID-19 Biomarkers

There is an urgent need for effective biomarkers to help classify COVID-19 patients based on risk, so that aggressive monitoring and appropriate therapy can be promptly directed to those more likely to get more severe illness.


Precision Medicine: Going Beyond Oncology

What has made precision medicine so successful in oncology? What will be needed to advance the field to new areas of application, such as neurology, immunology and women's health?
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