Digital Health

Digital Technology has the potential to transform the delivery of healthcare, ultimately making healthcare more efficient, accessible, and personalized for patients.

We envision that Digital Technology will disrupt every stage of the Life Sciences value chain and product lifecycle – from R&D to Patient Access.

These technologies can deliver great promise: reduce time and cost to market through digitizing clinical trial operations; make sense of how products perform in the real-world; enhance value for patients using digital therapeutics or a companion digital solution, etc.

We believe pharma and med tech companies should embrace digital technology “before it’s too late” – but that it should start with informed choices on which Digital Health applications would deliver the greatest value for their business.

Projects in This Space

01. Landscape Assessment of Digital Health Technologies

  • Market mapping of Digital Health solutions
  • Prioritization based on business need
  • Recommendations for integration

02. Go-to-Market Strategy for Digital Health Solutions

  • Business case and financial evaluation of the opportunity
  • Assessment of access barriers
  • Definition of the commercialization model

03. Building a Digital Strategy

  • Landscape & resource assessment
  • Identification of possible partners
  • Operating model for digital organization

04. Solving Access or Commercial Challenges Through Digital Solutions

  • Scanning of digital solutions
  • Analogs in this space
  • Strategic recommendations

Case Studies

Assessment of Access and Reimbursement Requirements for Digital Pathology (Incorporating AI-based Solutions) in Europe, US and Japan+
  • Assessment of the market access and reimbursement landscape for Digital Pathology: is it currently reimbursed? How? What are the critical access barriers?
  • Scenario development and assessment of likely reimbursement outcomes: What level of funding, coverage and reimbursement is expected?
  • Through series of qualitative interviews with influential pathologists and payers, we were able to map critical requirements for consistent reimbursement by market.
Pricing Strategy of a Secured Web-based Medical Software that Monitors Therapeutic Efficacy+
  • Payer / budget landscape and hospital decision-maker profiles
  • Software pricing for hospital-based clinical trial and routine usage
  • Software operationalization: how to adapt to hospital specificities
Strategic Due Diligence of Chronic Pain Medical Device Paired to a Mobile App+
  • Market assessment, competitive positioning, and stakeholder perception
  • Business plan evaluation, including sales forecast, costs, and timing
  • Outline product positioning and draft SWOT of device