Private Equity Newsletter
Private Equity
1st Semester 2008 Review.
April, 2008
Cornering the EU Market: the need for Creative Strategies
EBR When it comes to the accessibility of the EU pharmaceutical market, it is clear that a number of factors have changed in the past few years. Evolution or revolution?
Alain J Gilbert and Mark Larkin
Spring, 2008
Reaching the bottom?
Financial Advisory Newsletter, 2nd Edition
Q2 - 2008
VCs keep investing but the scope’s changing!
Financial Advisory Newsletter, 1st Edition
Q1 - 2008
Roadmap for success in oncology
SCRIP Executive Briefing, Vol 1 No 3 The worldwide oncology market is projected to outgrow the rest of the pharma industry, becoming the number one therapeutic class in revenue terms by 2011. So will oncology become pharma’s new “holy grail”?
Dr Frederic Desdouits, Lionel Delaporte and Dr Stéphane Parnis
“Up or Out in Oncology” ­ Executive Summary only
Bionest Disease Area Review
Stéphane Parnis, Guillaume Madec, Lionel Delaporte and Frédéric Desdouits produced the second edition of our annual review related to the outlook of the oncology market. As part of the report, the authors provide advice to bio-pharmaceutical companies on how to develop and sustain a profitable business in this attractive but risky domain. To request the 78-page full report, please contact us.
November, 2007
Net Profit
Bionest¹s Frédéric Desdouits and Catherine Pichereau compare methods of valuing biotech and find that public markets offer a means to value companies even with as little information as is available on their website.
Autumn, 2007
Innovation takes the prize
Pharmaceutical Executive A celebration of the first annual Prix Galien
Daniel Teper
October, 2007
Vaccines : Growth Boosters
Exane BNP Paribas Equity Research Report
Alain Gilbert, Claude Allary and Frédéric Desdouits
June, 2006
Reaching Maturity – New Challenges for an Evolving Industry
VentureCapital Magazine. (article in German)
Frédéric Desdouits and Christian Hein analyse the current state of the German biotech industry and its future challenges: the need to internationalize and to start commercializing its own products.
April, 2006
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