Blog December 9, 2015

Promise of Immunotherapy Featured on Today Show

The recent news of Jimmy Carter’s excellent response to cancer immunotherapy — he reported earlier this week that his brain cancer appears to be gone following treatment with Keytruda — was highlighted this morning on the 
Today Show.
  Today Show CaptureThe field of immunotherapy – an approach that leverages the body’s own immune system to treat disease by inducing, enhancing, or suppressing an immune response – has rapidly advanced, gaining significant momentum since the FDA approvals of three checkpoint inhibitors including Keytruda, Opdivo, and Yervoy. All three treatments allow T-cells to attack the tumor by releasing  “the brakes,” which otherwise inhibit T-cells from attacking a tumor. For Big Pharma, this means the race is underway to investigate the potential of immunotherapies in as many indications as possible.  To read more about how many companies are finding that a partnering strategy is essential to drive competitive differentiation in an increasingly crowded market, check out our paper published by IN VIVO, titled Immunotherapy: Big Pharma’s Seductive Embrace