Blog November 2, 2015

Welcome to the Bionest Blog!

The world health environment is changing quickly. Advances in science and technology, as well as political and economic trends, are having a major impact on the development, commercialization, and delivery of effective health care around the world. We work closely with biopharmaceutical, diagnostic, and medical device companies, as well as with investors, to help them understand emerging issues and opportunities and to navigate them successfully to drive growth, create value and gain competitive advantage. We believe our many years of success as international managers, analysts, and consultants within the health care space gives us valuable perspective on our industry and enables us to help companies thrive in the face of change.


With the many issues and opportunities facing those engaged in product development — or supporting it through their investments — we felt the time was ripe to start this blog. In our posts, we’ll be commenting on events and advances that we believe are important to understanding and doing business in the changing world of health care. Our team brings unique views on a number of industry sectors and medical specialties, as well as international markets, regulatory environments and changing public sentiments about drugs, devices and health care delivery.


For example, we plan to take a look at how recent successes in use of immunotherapeutics to treat cancer are opening new opportunities to further improve the treatment outcomes through combination regimens with targeted cytotoxic agents.  We will also discuss the changing world of in vitro diagnostics, and how the wealth of clinical data gained by diagnostics companies could enable them to seize control over how drugs are used. Patient-centricity is becoming prominent for both drug development and marketing, and we will discuss emerging trends and how empowering patients to help manage their own health is also powering sales. And we will be on the spot to comment on breaking news and bring you reports from key international meetings that we attend.


We look forward to sharing our thoughts with you and hope you will join the discussion.